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People with a fluency in Arabic have the advantage of new job openings today. The demand for Arabic speaking people exists both in and outside the rich Arab world. While most Arabic jobs only require native or near-native fluency to get the job, some of them require post-graduate or international study.

If you are fluent in both Arabic and English, you should consider taking up Arabic translator jobs and Arabic interpreter jobs. Though both jobs require fluency in both languages, translators work with written work and interpreters work with spoken Arabic.

Translators should be fluent in dialects too

Besides fluency in the two languages, a translator should be well versed with Modern Standard Arabic, as it is the largely accepted written form of Arabic. However in case of interpreters, they should be familiar with various Arabic dialects as people from different countries speak different dialects, and thus they should be able to handle any Arabic interpretation assignment.

Teaching is another of the popular options for Arabic speaking jobs as there is always a demand for qualified Arabic instructors in universities, community centers and colleges and private language institutes.

Teach Arab classes

Many U.S. private language institutes and universities offer courses in Modern Standard Arabic and dialect classes. However in the Arab world, there are various classes in the local dialects, catering to the communication needs of exchange program students, relocated foreigners and to teach anyone who wants to communicate with locals.

There are also various Arabic jobs available in various levels of positions in nongovernmental and environmental organizations, human rights organizations,

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