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Thématique: FOOTBALL

A group of 32 black players on Missouri’s football team linked arms Saturday night in protest of the school’s university president Tim Wolfe and stated their refusal to play until he’s ousted from his post. The move came following dissatisfaction with how Wolfe has handled a number of racial incidents on campus including the school’s Student Association President having slurs screamed at him, and another where a guy painted a swastika in his own smeared fecal matter on a residence hall bathroom wall.

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Missouri Football Players Go On Strike, University President Resigns from Complex.
Thématique: FOOTBALL


  1. Tim Horton

    Good on the students/faculty/athletes for making change happen. Good on the President for taking responsibility. Just good and a win all around.

  2. Sock Puppet Superstar

    The resignation of the university president ultimately accomplishes nothing. When all is said and done niggers will be niggers, and as long as they behave like the ignorant savages they are decent people will continue to discriminate against them (and rightly so).

  3. Ben Little

    Really? You're going to bitch about a shit swastika in a bathroom? It was probably some high student who didn't know what he was doing. What do you want the president to do? I mean, how the hell are you going to find someone that wrote a swastika in shit?

  4. vonversace

    he's probably a kkk member or have ties with them..
    hopefully the new president wont ignore racial discrimination
    on a college campus

  5. Jolene Brink

    Thank you for being the ONLY news source I can find that is providing content along w/ closed captioning (that actually works) for your deaf listeners. My students appreciate it.

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