Rafael Nadal vs Stan Wawrinka Paris Masters 2015 QF Highlights

Rafael Nadal vs Stan Wawrinka Paris Masters 2015 QF Highlights
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  1. DevAx

    Very close match from my favorite 2 players on tour. It really could have gone either way. This is the best Nadal has played all year in my opinion. There was a little more fire and placement in his shots and his confidence is rising. You have to consider Stan did win a GS and is still a very tough opponent. Really was hoping Stan would win it all, but still a decent showing from both! Thanks for the video! Here is to hoping one of them beats the court jester clown in the ATP Finals.

  2. Gherbi Hicham

    Nadal's level is getting better and better , i think if continues this way he'll be in a good shape for competition in 2016 .

  3. Carlos Ike

    I was somewhat glad Nadal lost this match. He needs to rest for the Finals because he's played so much tennis recently and he avoids letting DRUGovic even out their H2H.

    I believe Nadal has a chance at winning the Finals this year if he's well rested.

  4. omnipotentum

    Nadal should be fine for that loud intentional screaming to distract opponent. dirty cheating nadal. Nadal screaming is louder than sharapova.

  5. JordanjamesX

    Awesome win by Stan he has beaten Nadal 3 out of the last 4 times they have played. Nadal had a 5-3 lead in the first set people seem to forget this important point.

  6. Kasim Hussain

    Really could've gone either way. Nadal had set points in both sets and made stupid errors. Wawrinka did the same in the second but he got away with it as Nadal couldn't capitalise on his mistakes and made his own instead. Both played decent but made huge errors. Nadal is not far from top 4(in terms of playing ability) after looking at this performance and the one against Federer and also other performances. This is worst surface and he's played his worst tennis this year so I could see him getting on top 4 after clay season next year. Plus Rafa should be happy as he doesn't have to play Djokovic as he's not ready yet to compete with him

  7. hopy51

    This match clearly shows why Djokovic is dominating so hard. He has no competition on tour, all his opponents are just terrible tennis players. If Wawrinka plays at such level he will be lucky to win 3 games in the semifinal. Really sad that is the level of today's top-10.

  8. Thang Vuong

    Wawrinka is one of my favorite players but watching him almost CHOKE away the second set was incredibly frustrating!! Wish Wawrinka could play with more belief and confidence.

  9. SaraSeven

    >.< please, don't take so long to face each other again!

  10. hililala321

    ATP, if you truly care about tennis instead of being a fucking money making corporation, you should allow fans uploading their highlights.

  11. blinkMATIC

    after all he's been through,after a rollercoaster season in which many buried him and classified him as an old and washed up player, Rafa is likely to finish the year as top-5 player in the rankings. And most of the points he's won have come late in the season, just when he's getting back to his old self.
    Rafa will be there next year, don't expect another year dominated by Nole as Nadal will likely be much stronger from start to finish next season.

  12. Pascoe Braun

    On recent form Roger should have won this like 3 and 3…the fact Rafa made a great final of it says a lot for Rafa's nerve….Hope they play some more great finals, Rafa is back for sure, but congrats to a great champion in Roger, Tennis needs this rivalry

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