Tyra Banks yells at girl

Tyra Banks yells at girl

tyra banks yells at a girl on america’s next top model.

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  1. waffles scott

    all these people saying tyra needs to get a grip….fuck outta here with that. if tiffany wants to be treated like the rest of them she needs to earn it regardless of whatever personal shit shes dealing with. understand that in competition that stuff has to leave or you have to leave. if you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen

  2. Mika Smith

    Both of them were wrong for what they did but Tyra was just starting Americas Next Top Model so she wasn't use to so much emotion. Now she is the nicest judge on Top Modle.

  3. regina gaines

    you when you get yelled at by a teacher or your parent their just trying to give you advice because it seemed you did something half heartedly, that's what tyra was doing here she was basically sermoning the girl. its not humiliating her because at that point in time everyone is being talked to even though its only the girl

  4. seductivesloth

    Y'all mad at her yelling but but she's saying is true. Not everything gets televised and so she probably knew her well enough to justify what she said/yelled

  5. MyNameIsMeagan

    sorry but how the hell is putting your daughter on lockdown supposed to help her with cutting. if anything is going to make things worse

  6. MyNameIsMeagan

    I stopped writing in my journal because my mom read it. She also checks my phone all the time and goes through my browser history. it's like wtf mom I don't do anything

  7. Rebecca Marcott

    My mom has known my best friend Robby since elementary. She still doesn't trust me to hang out with him. "You wanna hang out with boys? Uh, are your girlfriends going to be there?" "No, just me, Robby, and Alex at the park." "I don't think its a good idea" ITS AT A PARK….what r we going to do, make out? Strip naked and have sex? So what if we make out? (which she knows will never happen)Its my life. "Mom, when can I start dating?" "What do u wanna do?" "Just, start dating??" "What do you mean, like where would you go to date?" "Mom, you know what I mean, I know you speak my language. Just date, ya know?" She avoids thoughts conversations so much…and there is this guy I really wanna date 😑 I at least wanna know if I can start dating, I don't do behind the back shit.

  8. Rebecca Marcott

    …I like to have privacy. My parents said I can't have locks on my phone and tablet. I hate that because my sisters always snoop on my tablet and look at my history. I. Hate. That. Ok, I'm a 13 year old girl and I have questions. And no, I'm not going to ask my mom how to shave, so I look up videos and all. I also looked up videos on how to put a tampon in, and I did ask my sister before I looked up videos. She was not clear at all and her explanation was confusing. I have a little sister, and she looks at my sister too. She sees these videos, and she tells my parents and it just gets awkward. Oh, and my parents look through my text messages, and that NO GOOD. Parents 😣

  9. Kella Smith

    Why do they always seem to take the kids side? :/ in the second one, her daughter was having sex, at 15. I wouldn't trust her as much either because she's doing that and going to bars.. crazy.

  10. adziofficial

    "Its okay to spy on a man isnt it?" Eh no tyra not if you respect their privacy or, heres a weird thing you might never heard of, TRUSTING THEM?

  11. carolina rodriguez

    there is something called boundaries…every person has boundaries, break those boundaries and the person will get manipulative to protect themselves. There are certain limits that can be broken, but not too far, or else you lose trust.

  12. RoddandTodd flanders

    yeah I would trust the firs two girls, but that Lily character. If she were my daughter I would have her sent to an all girls Catholic boarding school. And I would still be checking in on her

  13. kasey mendoza

    these moms are crazy and need help mentally. just cuz the mothers fucked up as kids. dont mean that your kids are going to do the same. give the poor girls some credit.

  14. Maki Ki

    If my mom did this to me, I would do the same to her; read her mail, Ask her where she's been every singel minute and do "body search"

  15. Lexi

    My dad is very similar to this and Tyra is right. An animal chained up is going to try to get out aggressively. He would block any number on my phone that texted or called me too much. Well my work was one of them and I got in trouble at work for not answering their calls. My boyfriend would be blocked too without my knowledge of knowing it. He even installed a tracking device on my car that notified him wherever I was and when I went over 5mph. This type of parenting is smothering and does not have good outcomes.

  16. Dommy M

    gotta love how theres no talk about safe sex, consent, stis, contraception, emotional matirity etc when talking about sex….its just about age OH NO HOW DARE YOU BLAME BLAME BLAME

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