Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly in Amsterdam

Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly in Amsterdam

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5 Seconds Of Summer's Ashton Irwin kissing girlfriend Bryana Holly

We caught 5 Seconds Of Summer star Ashton Irwin getting all cute, cosy and kissy with girlfriend Bryana at Radio 1’s Big Weekend

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Bryana Holly


  1. Baked Potato

    i like that these fans actually left.yes it may have been a little rude of ashton ,but he cant put his personal life on hold for some pictures.
    a day off someone wants to be relaxed and not deal with fans

  2. Kitty Cat Sweetheart

    I have to admit, that Ashton leaving those fans at the hotel, was rude, but are some of you forgetting that he's human? Everyone has their off days, from time to time, and 5 Seconds of Summer are no exception. I'm a new fan, so I don't know too much, about them, but I've seen videos and read articles, about him, and he seems like a really nice guy. :3

  3. Ellie Kennicott

    Who remembers when, even though ashton was technically off, he stayed outside the venue until 3am to make sure everyone got a picture? Not saying he needs to do this all the time- but what are the chances these girls will ever see him again? Ashton is a role model to so many that seeing this kinda hurts. 

  4. clairebear64

    Omg like he was literally just trying to have dinner with his girlfriend I don't blame him for saying no to the fans lol

  5. Luisa Saporito

    If Ashton is happy I'm happy but I don't like Bryana.I don't know,I just don't like her,but I think we should respect her,because if we call her slut,bitch we'll hurt her(she's a human too) and we will hurt Ashton too.So let's respect all the guys' girlfriends,ok?If you don't like them it's ok,but we shouldn't send hate to them,at latest that's what I think.Sorry for the bad english

  6. Mikayla Nicole

    I don't really know what to think. It's obvious Ash has changed, and that upsets me. I feel like they have two totally different personalities, and maybe he sees something we don't, I just don't particularly like her. I mean, I'm glad he's happy, but I'm not happy it's because of her. I want the old Ash back. This new Ash with her makes me feel like he is just after the thin girls with blonde hair and a thigh gap, which is something I'll never be. I'm not jealous of Bryana, nor do I hate her, I just miss the Ashton that supported fans as much as we supported him, the Ash who encouraged us to love ourselves no matter what.
    Everything just feels…off. 

  7. Cornelia S

    can y'all just shut up with ur ''bryanna changed ashton!!!'' ''ashton is so rude'' ''bryanna is a bitch'' ''she fatshamed people!!!!''??? and that was like ages ago and PEOPLE CHANGE, she obviously makes him really happy and if you love ashton you should support his decisions. bryana seems like a really nice person and AGAIN, she makes ashton happy so im happy for them. and she haven't changed him at all, he is STILL the same ashton we've always ''known'' and he actually wanted to be alone with bryanna so y'all should respect that and stop attacking him because this is so fucking embarrasing to read when y'all are hating on bryanna and ashton. BYEEEEE

  8. Jayla Macon

    I mean yeah Bryana makes Ashton happy and I love that but she is a terrible person. Ashton can do way better than that. He may not notice but this is causing a lot of mayhem in the band. She's tearing the band apart little by little. I wouldn't be surprised if Ashton left the band for her. The thing is, I don't think he noticed that this isn't true love and it probably won't last long. We need giggly, nice, happy Ashton back! I still love him and I'll always be there! 

  9. Aiyana “Yahtzee” Alzamora

    I'm telling myself not to watch this stuff because it's invading their privacy. Here I am watching Ashton kiss Bryana on the cheek, because I''m savage af.

  10. phoeniixmellark

    for all the girls here talking shit about Bryana and saying she's a bitch, you guys are so wrong. She's one of the sweetest and most polite girls ever, with and without Ashton. I know this because I met her a few months back; She was with a friend and she was honestly super sweet and polite. Not to mention how nice she is with fans. I have no idea why some of you have no remorse to what you say. It's okay if you don't like her, that's fine. But sending her hate is not fine at ALL. That makes you look immature and petty.

  11. webstergirl1029

    Personally, I think Ashton has the right to be happy and have a girlfriend… Just have a life outside of 5sos. But it seems as if she is changing him somehow…. And she looks so uninterested. And she acts so unnatural around him and I don't think she truly likes him as much as he loves her. I love Ashton and want him to be happy but I don't like Bryana at all as a person…. I don't think they are right for each other. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion… So please, nobody start an argument because of my comment. This is my opinion, maybe not yours

  12. Christina Jimenez

    No mas ten cuidado con quien te metes muchachita pendeja ☺️☺️☺️☺️😂👿😟😟😠😤✊🏿✊🏿🇲🇽🔫☺️☺️😠😠😠😤😱😱😹🔫😹☺️🔫

  13. Pastel cher

    I support Ashton in what he's does but I just want to say he looks really uncomfortable & awkwardly has one had on her shoulder and she looks so uninterested. Maybe they don't like PDA so if ash is happy, then I am too

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