Windsurf Classic Part 2 – Maui Windsurfing Grand Prix 1982

Windsurf Classic Part 2 - Maui Windsurfing Grand Prix 1982

Classic VHS of The Maui Windsurfing Grand Prix 1982 – This event filmed by Tom Tatum was the premier to probably defining every other Windsurf event to follow (well before O’neill invitations and Aloha Classics). The Video grabbed both aspects of windsurf competition with Course racing, Slalom and Wave disciplines and melded them into a highly watchable scheme. Interviews with Robby Naish, Mike Waltze, Ken Winner and Julie DeWerd created the windsurf celebrity. Look out for Arnaud De Rosnay the windsurf adventurer.
It really was a pioneering video with great music as well.
Loved Every minute of it!
Thanks to Tom Tatum for historic capture.

Windsurf & SUP | Loving my Winter | Maria Andrés

Windsurf & SUP – Loving my Winter
A Winter trip about Maria Andrés, a spanish Pro Windsurfer girl who travelled to Maui Island last winter and also parts of training in South Spain.
Expressing her dedication to this sport: « this is a small sample and a way to express how happy I am living by the ocean. It is an infinite happiness… I feel very fortunate.
The title came to me almost without thinking, because this winter was simply unforgettable!

Edition: Emilio Galindo Barquín
Footage: Valentin Böckler, Emi and Güabe Team, the subjective views came from the K4 Harness Mount and the helicopter angle, from the Gun Sails Photoshoot.
You can find more photos and news at:
Facebook: María Andrés Windsurfing
Instagram: @mariaandreswindsurfing

Music: On The Backroads
Artist: Marty Amado, Tolan Shaw
NM 315 – Quirky Pop – UPPM France

Thématique: Jenna de Rosnay
Jenna de Rosnay


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