Procharged Caprice PPV getting rowdy! LSX-9C1

Procharged Caprice PPV getting rowdy!  LSX-9C1

The insanely loud Caprice PPV police car having some fun on the streetsdoing some burnouts. It has a D1SC Procharger and a fully custom stainless exhaust.

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(Anyone wanting to sponsor the Caprice, contact him via his Facebook page!)
Bad Bowtie Productions

Caprice- Pilihanku (OFFICIAL FULL MUSIC VIDEO).wmv

One of the singles from my upcoming album.
« Pilihanku » feat. Hayad
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  1. ‫صالح الشمري‬‎

    انا ابي كابرس اس اس ٢٠١٣ او ٢٠١٥ نفس الترهيم حق ذي ادعو لي

  2. ‫علي علي‬‎

    السياره هذي مجرمه سريعه وسعرها مناسب للطبقات المتوسطه واللي يقول الكابريس خرابات ومدري ايش لا يعبّث فيه وخلّه على يدك مو تخليه حمار مكده وعزكم الله من جاء شغّل ومشى…تحياتي لأصحاب الذوق 👍

  3. syahidah mohamed

    i love all your covers and songs . seriously, YOU'RE AWESOME ! btw, im your fan from singapore 🙂 keep on rocking =D

  4. Hisham Zainal

    Hey caprice, i've been repeating your demos over and over again man! they're truly amazing, so when are you going to release em cause i can't wait. Keep doing what you're doing, holla from Singapura!

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