Stephanie Pratt’s BF Runs Over a Cop’s Foot!

Stephanie Pratt's BF Runs Over a Cop's Foot!

Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend actually ran over a cop’s foot in his Ferrari… but worst of all, he now claims the cop is FAKING the whole thing!

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The Hills – Stephanie Pratt Prints Labels
The Hills - Stephanie Pratt Prints Labels

Kelly Cutrone asks Stephanie Pratt to print labels.

Stephanie Pratt


  1. spoada

    retard just means slow. Clear coat "retardent" is used to slow drying for a smoother coat. I think retard is a fair word. I don't think that a person with downs syndrone would give a shit if you said it or not. They would more likely be glad that you give a damm about them and talk to them instead of stigmatize them like everyone always does.

  2. spoada

    Look like two more assholes are going to have a beer with the president. NOTE TO SELF: do not get in front of a doosh in a Ferrari and Do not try to stop a car with your foot.

  3. jddcc1

    Sorry but cop was being a cock sucker. Anyone who thinks cops should act like this are fucking sheep! Who cares if he has money im sure that cop is just as much of a dick to anyone!!

  4. morearty

    is this the new thing of rich people?.. disrespecting the law… i wish the cop ( even if he is faking which i don't believe he is ) will go to a doctor and have it documented..

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