2015 Nike Air Mag – HalloweenCostumes BTTF McFly

2015 Nike Air Mag - HalloweenCostumes BTTF McFly

Quick look at my modified HalloweenCostumes.com Back to the Future Nike Air Mag shoes.


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Marty McFly Shoes Sell for BIG $$$ -- Nike Air Mag

If you ever wanted a pair of those AWESOME shoes from « Back to the Future 2 » and have thousands of extra dollars lying around — then you can now own a pair of your own!

Nike Air Mag
Nike Air Mag


  1. jimmy chain

    The shoe in movie didn't have power laces it was a movie trick somebody pull the straps down underneath the ground in the movie to seem like it lol everybody keeps saying it had power laces its a movie

  2. HEcTiCXsNiPEz

    its easy to make a power lace with the wires just when you put your foot it motion activate if they can make a iPhone the could make power laces in 2012

  3. Powdered Toast Man

    @ItsPaiin my first comment says by 2015 THEY will have power lacing by they i mean the mags btw whats wrong with having a patent for it and if your here to bitch about a price then why look at this video. and btw people would buy this shoe for $300 idiot.

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