Jarah Mariano Miami Swimwear 2012 HD

Jarah Mariano Miami Swimwear 2012 HD

BEST OF … Jarah Mariano Miami Swimwear 2012

Thématique: Jarah MarianoJarah Mariano
Jarah Mariano-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009

Jarah Mariano, SI Swimsuit 2009

Thématique: Jarah MarianoJarah Mariano
Jarah Mariano


  1. vangelis skandalos

    Undoubtfully an Asian beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jay M

    Yeah I also read the 1/4 Chinese part but in an interview she said 1/4 unknown,although Mariano actually sounds Hispanic, maybe she's got a bit of Latin blood, who knows.

  3. Sean Lee

    yah; cn u imagine they get paid to shoot also anywy? my friend said once that they should have to pay n prob wouldn;t mind to shoot lol

  4. Sean Lee

    I like Jarah and Bar also thank u very much; both r beautiful + cute at same time Bar is a widely used Israeli name;
    think ur being unnecessarily rude ne extreme; no need to ignorantly judge how name sounds u just have tolook it up to findout about it

  5. Sean Lee

    totally agree ; I don't think she's even does runway tho; unfortuntely VS n other clothing cos prob considers her height to be "too short" even tho she's over 5'7''; real pity

  6. Hyun Kim

    her last name sounds hispanic…. korean, chinese, hawaiian, spanish… all mixed in probably… very nice results though, wouldn't you say…..

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