Nike Air Mag: « Back to the Future » Shoes Comparison

An up close look at the famous film-to-reality sneaker.

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Nike Air Mags: Comparing Both Versions of the Back to the Future Sneaker from Sole Collector and Complex.

Thématique: Nike Air MagNike Air Mag
Nike air MAG on Pawn Stars

Air mags on pawn stars. Sorry for the bad quality

Nike Air Mag
Nike Air Mag


  1. Chestosneako Inc

    They should make shoes with air conditioning to wear for the Hot summer to keep you feet cool, which means no more sandals. Strangely, I've been wondering if some day they would invent such thing! :/

  2. Chestosneako Inc

    Now that Oct. 21st 2015 is over, the Future is now in the past… which means that these Nike shoes are no longer in stock!

  3. Rudy Hernandez

    people say they are worth 10k or more but they were meant to he auctioned, the people paying 10k for the shoes don't care about the shoes they just wanna bring awareness to the charity. real value is 2k at most

  4. Michael Jackson

    First of all you people saying chum is trying to rip him off with a 1500 dollar offer is stupid, that's how pawn shops work, they need to make a profit too. And second anybody who accepts an offer made by any pawn shop and don't like it is ripping themselves off, i mean you don't need to accept the offer after all. So lay off business is business!

  5. Ashley Mcclellon

    For all yall idiots out there chumly knew that they were selling for around 8-9k so he offered 1500 so he could make a profit that's how pawn stars works 

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