#IAm Jessica Gomes Story

#IAm Jessica Gomes Story

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Thématique: Jessica GomesJessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015

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Jessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes
David Jones AW13 Fashion Launch: Sydney, Australia – 6th February 2013…

A good dose of Australia’s social set gathered to watch top line models including Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale strut at David Jones’ Elizabeth Street store from around 7pm this evening.

Thirty-seven designers including Alex Perry, Collette Dinnigan and Zimmerman showcased over 230 looks alongside DJs runway debutants, Ellery, Rachel Gilbert and Banjo and Matilda.

Dual tone colours and prints featured heavily throughout the evening while lace and leather made a big comeback.

The 175-year-old retailer has reluctantly embraced new technologies to lift struggling sales and this year’s event was livestreamed (via the internet) for the benefit of those who missed out on one of the show’s exclusive tickets.

David Jones’ group executive of merchandise Donna Player said those who couldn’t attend could keep track of what was happening on social media.

"Customer viewing parties are a first and there will be stylists there as well. They can watch the livestream from Sydney, drink champagne and participate in the whole event even though they aren’t physically here," she told Murdoch owned The Telegraph.

"It’s bringing social media back to that whole tactile experience because they are able to buy the clothes straight away, the majority of those looks are in store immediately."

Well done to everyone involved in the success of the event. Now to wait and see if it makes a difference to the bottom line of the high end retailer.

David Jones talent:
Napoleon Perdis
Sophie Clarke- David Jones, General Manager shoes and Accessories
Donna Player – David Jones, Group Executive, Merchandise
Deb Foreman- David Jones, General manager of Menswear
David Jones fashion family ( includes all fashion designers stocked at David Jones)

David Jones ambassadors and models:
Miranda Kerr
Jason Dundas
Jessica Gomes
Samantha Harris


David Jones official website

David Jones ‘Fashion Launch’ official website

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Sujet: Jessica Gomes


  1. onsoomin

    I see a lot of people complaining about how she isn't 'asian' enough. Yes, she may not be one hundred percent Asian, but people do not understand that half-Asians probably have a lot more issues than they expect. A lot of people think that it is 'easier' to be accepted into white society if you're half. No, it is not.
    As a half-Asian myself and growing up with only my Asian mother, I never knew where I truly belonged. I could never get along with either social group because my views on society and life were so mixed. Asians in my highschool would keep to themselves in their own groups and so would the white girls. I couldn't get along with either and I soon started to think that I was not 'whole'. That I was neither this nor that. I want to become a part of both societies and some times I wish that I was just one ethnicity and not two, so it would make it easier for me to decide with which culture I identified with. I learnt the language of my mother so I could speak it perfectly, so I wouldn't be looked down on in her culture, so I wasn't seen as 'not Asian enough'.
    When I stand with Asians, I don't look Asian, but when I stand with Westerners? I don't look like them either.
    I have eventually come to terms with how I was born, but when I see ignorant people commenting on how we are neither this or that, or that Asians only like us because we look different? It makes me lose faith in the world and in myself.

  2. Sha La La

    Bogus. She is of mixed ancestry and she looks mixed. Acknowledge it. There's something very disingenuous about doing a series to promote Asian identity and then going out of your way to put a biracial girl to the forefront, as if there weren't enough of us Asians in the world.

    A biracial girl telling us pure blooded Asians about what it is to be Asian and not being wholly embraced by the white Australian community is really freakin annoying. Fact is, she still has the advantage of being biracial, whiter, and deemed more attractive than the pure blooded Asian. And fact is, her mixed blood is what got her to the forefront of the "Asian" community today. Yes she is still Asian, but she is as much white, and for that, her experience in no way coincides with mine or any other person of 100% Asian ethnicity.

  3. Martin Hansl

    Ich bin Martin Hansl und wohne bei Karin Abramoski in der Bismarckstrasse 28 in 73262 Reichenbach an der Fils und schöne Grüße sendet dir Martin Hansl

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