Air Jordan 12 XII Retro « Flu Game » on feet

Air Jordan 12 XII Retro « Flu Game » on feet

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Flu Game Air Jordans
Fake or REal????Flu Game Retro 12s Jaytv #9  Nike Air Jordans ALMOST FOOLED ME

nike air jordans retro 12 flu game fake or real????be careful out there jordan fan these are hands down the best lookin fake jordans i have eve seen in my life i got them from a website called they advertise on that site as 100 percent authentic real no fakes and they lied. i paid 200 dollars for real jordans and they sent me these pieces of shit please reply rate and subscribe to my channel….let me know wutchu think

Thématique: Flu Game Air JordansFlu Game Air Jordans
Flu Game Air Jordans

Flu Game Air Jordans

Sujet: Flu Game Air Jordans


  1. Mark

    there's this seller on ebay that sells fakes yet have a 99.5 rating. All the negative feedback was about shoes and people noticing that the shoes are off etc etc . Anyways, I just learned there's a big dead give away about fake 12's. When looking at the side view, The rear part of the shoe "the upper 2 block stitches" are not aligned with the 2 bottom part. Whereas in an original pair, it should be aligned and kind of leaning gradually towards the front.  I was about to buy it but my instinct told me to look compare all his 12's for sale vs the other listings that are more expensive. Haha btw, the price of his 12's are kind of giveaway too because it's alil cheaper than the avergae listing. Plus in his descriptions, most come in Replacement box and never state if Authentic.

  2. Chandler Mitchell

    Those Jays are real, there 2009 Release "Flu Games." You did get fucked over on inserts and price. On this particular release they used suede rather than the classic sturdy leather. Don't get me wrong, they may be fake, but from the things you pointed out I see a lot of things that are usual for this particular release…

  3. johnathan1784

    Idk.about the part where they bend like that, Cuz mine don't do that, but the 97/38 looks the right size, the tongue is right, the proprtions are kind of on point. So idk, they might just be poor quality real ones, our some fuckin sick ass, ill ass, high quality fakes. Lol either way, ud DEF get away wit rocking dem. I got mine from finish line, si I know fa sho dey real. Its 2013 tho so w.e u did, hope u didn't give en away or sell em for mad cheap cuz you thought they was fake.

  4. SCL Prod.

    how could he say "it's the best fake shoe i've ever seen in my life"??? if he saw some of the fake chinese stuffs he won't say like that. chinese fake stuffs are the best modafukin' fake stuffs. i hate chinese fake stuffs. i hate China. i hate billions of chinese. And i'm from Mongolia

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