Naples and Pompeii

Naples and Pompeii

In gritty Naples, we go shopping Neapolitan style, dodge scooters in Naples’ crazy traffic, explore the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, admire exquisite ancient mosaics at the National Museum of Archaeology, taste pizza in its birthplace, climb the lip of Mount Vesuvius, and wander the amazing ruins of the Roman town it destroyed: Pompeii.


  1. alex alvarado

    Long before Messi, Maradona was a genius at Napoli. Argentina faced Italia, at the 1990 World Cup semis. Southern Italians cheered for Maradona of Argentina.

  2. Pinpinpun

    Napoli, along with Rome , Florence, Venice and Verona are the 5 Italian citta' d'arte.

    Some reasons to visit the city more than the others? Herculaneum? Pompeii?Santa Chiara?Castel Nuovo? Capri? Veiled Christ? Cappella di San Severo?Napoli sotterranea? Teatro San Carlo (the oldes and most beautiful in the world)?Treasure of San Gennaro (which surpasse the riches of your queen and any other collection in the whole world) and so on.

    Napoli si the most ancient continuosly inhabited city in the world. 3000 years of continuous history.

  3. MF Lok

    Great reviews Rick. Give me a good idea of where to go when I visit in September. Just one suggestion, can you type in the names of the places in the videos. Can't really make them out as I do not speak Italian.

  4. Nancy Pirrello

    Hi Rick, i enjoyed your video of Naples and Pompeii, unfortunately I didn't share the same experience in August 2013. I was so looking forward to seeing Pompeii City. We got off the train from Salerno and it was a hot summer day arriving to the city of Pompeii. It was on Sunday. The city was dead, no tourists and we paid 8 Euros to get in Pompeii, hoping to see exactly what you have shown in this video, however, I film it and all there was available, was brick buildings, with cages. (behind the arches and cages) were fields of fruit trees and vinyards. I was hoping to see the ashes and cadavres of the dead. But it was a very big disappointment. Is there another entry to this area that you can recommend? so when I will stop at Naples again in 2016. I can visit to see what you have now described as the ancient history of Pompeii. regards Nancy

  5. Asha Asha

    ..Mr.rick me recuerda(no es broma) a Willy fog,no por los viajes,ke por supuesto,sino porque igual ke en el libro,te entran ganas de coger un tren e ir a dar un paseo…

  6. Mark James

    Just come back from Naples.I had been warned that it's dirty etc,but I thought that maybe there would be beauty to compensate for it.The truth is there's no reason to visit in preference to other Italian cites.
    Most of the city is full of the tackiest market stalls possible and every open space with a bit of grass is full of bottles and litter.
     Another sign of its" easy going "nature is the fact that parents ride scooters wearing a helmet while the kids they are carrying-you see 2 parents and 2 kids on one bike-don't.
      Go to Bologna or Turin if you want something other than Rome.

  7. Andrea Ingenito

    Nice video, althought i think you should have focused also on stunning posillipo and mergellina and not only on the historical centre

  8. Kellie Riggs

    it's a shame they couldn't even do some basic research and talk about how and why and after whom the pizza marghertia was invented.

  9. Davide Cerullo

    Please, just a quick note for a 100% born and raised neapolitan. I don't car about what he said about camorra or other things: YOU ALWAYS EAT PIZZA WITH YOUR HANDS! those eating with knife and fork are untraditionalists dandys. When in Naples ALWAYS eat your pizza with your hands in one of the two classical ways:
    1) cut it in 4 slices
    2) FOLD IT (it's called "pizza a portafoglio" wich translates as "wallet pizza" ) in half and then fold it again like a wallet, enjoy.

    Number 2 is the most authentic way 🙂

    Please, do come visit Naples and enjoy it's beauties, even with all the problems it has it's a beautiful city and it's not that plagued by street crime as the media always say.

  10. robinho1979

    Italian food is like food porn to me. My mouth is salivating. I just have so many fond memories of my holiday in Italy, best Pizza I ever had was in Naples, the most simple pizza but tasted like a million dollars, then in Sorento & Amalfi some of the best seafood pasta….thanks for the upload this is going to encourage me to go back to Italy!

  11. vincenzo esposito

    he doesn't know MICHELE even clinton was brought there or the trianon both are in FORCELLA centuries old quartiere DI NAPLES italy

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