Starting a Family | Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen

Starting a Family | Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen

Our FABLife Stylists Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen’s emotional discussion of their struggles to start a family. For the full story, tune in Monday, September 21st.

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Tyra Banks Interview - Live with Kelly and Michael 09/08/15

Tyra Banks Interview – Live with Kelly and Michael 2015

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks


  1. Liz Tran

    Im glad Tyra is leaving the show. She deserves better.

    Tyra, you are a star and you don't belong in a place where you are made to feel like you have to apologize for tearing up or stealing the spotlight. You were always a star to us and that moment in this video where you connected with your audience and could have really made a difference by relating, was muffled out by the other panel people and having to say "im sorry" to their lack of sincerity and care. (In my opinion, that's what it looked like on camera to me)
    In your old show, that moment would have meant so much and carried on to viewers through real guests and real women not afraid to show emotion to such a difficult situation. You would have expected it from Chrissy but it never came out making the comparison between you and her come off as very phony on her end in comparison to you. Again, you both are in show business, who knows? Thats just something I did not want to watch. I have never tried to get pregnant but if I ever face this later in life, i might have remembered this moment and you as a role model, showing me that it is natural. As such a huge icon for us "90's babies" you really have so much power and voice to us since you helped raise us, youre like mama Tyra. Or the cool mom since you teach s makeup tricks and "go there" to places our real moms avoid. To me, it was like the perception you have of like your mother or teacher that you look up to, being a boss at home or in class. Then seeing her with negative influences being bashed or told to shut up. The illusion is over, not only do you see her at her lowest but you want to fight for her and stand up for her. It is hard to watch because the show goes on and you are forced to think "well…. i mean i guess if shes okay with it… its okay… i guess…?"
    You just don't belong on this show. Call me wrong but as a viewer, I sense an element of competition and need for the limelight that you so naturally command, that as a member of the audience I cant help but to notice when it is ungenuinely taken away from you by force because of competition to standout. Like they cant keep up with you so they try to trip your feet for a small level of attention. Its a damn joke. You deserve so much better, or maybe you dont. You just SEEM like you deserve better by the looks of the dynamics of how things are going. It is uncomfortable for me to watch and Im happy I do not have to feel guilty about it anymore. I wanted to support you but now I don't have to try. Your old show was so easy to to watch and this is a copy of the real with the only reason to watch was you. Im upset that this happened to you. You helped raise me in youth and have inspired more than you will ever know, I do not know the reason why you left but I know why I stopped watching. Alot of people only watched for you (Chrissy as well, but shes not "known" for her speaking abilities and personality) and I could tell all the times you were being silenced or quieted not just in words but in personality and fluidity, and it just did not meet the standard that you effortlessly set when you were the only star of The Tyra banks show. I hope to meet you one day and cry with you and help you with your struggles the way you did with me when I was a kid. Im going to get there one day and I know it by the confidence you helped me get by being a strong example. I wish you so much luck in your next project, both personal and business. You deserve everything. You deserve happiness. You may not have a child of your own right now, but you were in many way a mother and older sister to me and many others. Stay strong and remember who you are. We have never forgotten.

  2. Maribel Galvan

    Infertility is no joke. My husband struggled for 3 1/2 years to fall pregnant and it does hurt. People are so insensitive and nosey and that dreaded question of "when are you gonna have a baby?" It destroys you inside every time. I feel you Tyra.

  3. Beth Heckman

    Thanks, talking about they things, I guess that's why I'm not social as I used to be, now I'm about to turn 59 in a few weeks and I have never been married or had children. Not like I didn't want both I did. I have a boyfriend of 21 years and I love him and did it his way. I've had a lot of health problems and in his way he's been there. Then comes family and they decide you'll be the one to be the care giver, but will help when I need them but they die on me, can't win for losing, oh I'm about to cry and we all know that does NO good. Love The Show❤❤❤❤❤

  4. The00qa

    i'm still young so i don't know. but i do believe that someday when you're old (NOT talking about Tyra, she's not old. just in general) you start realising that you want to pass on stuff to someone, you want to feel happy for someone, have kids, grand kids …
    tyra is a mama to all contestants on ANTM ever so she has a lot of kids. :))))

  5. Archer Bow

    I am almost 27 i am glad i dont have any kids yet. Once you have kids your life is over.
    Thank God for condoms too or else i would of had 10000000000 kids.

  6. myassessment adres

    Bullshit Tara, stop it. She is a drama queen. Chrissy can control her emotions gracefully and is a smart intelligent candid female. But Tara, pleaaassee.

  7. queen nie

    Tyra, you've opened doors, you have done so much for other people, and you're a successful hot gorgeous black woman. Getting pregnant is not mandatory. I mean, geez! we have 7.3 billion people in the world already. Girl, don't feel bad. What you've done in this lifetime is not something that the average regular jane is capable of. Besides, you can adopt. Nothing wrong with it. Jesus Christ is adopted. Joseph was not his biological dad.

  8. The Rein Coat therapeutic calming coat for pets

    Phenom interview. Best boss ever. Tyra's beautiful and brilliant, if you can't handle it change the channel. Her products take cosmetics to a new level.

  9. vickie oglesby

    kimindingo…uh oh..somebody is jealous.. are you you look like a girl and got a dick you don't want on you? please see a psychiatrist..

  10. violetgirl1996

    i love tyra but she does need a little more awareness of who she speaks over hahah at least have the courtesy to let them speak after youre done speaking. like, the blond girl's presence became smaller and smaller as the talk had progressed… lelel

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