Chrissy Teigen and Ginger Zee Speak Out About Mom Shaming: It’s Hard To Take

Chrissy Teigen and Ginger Zee Speak Out About Mom Shaming: It's Hard To Take

Online trolls have bashed many celebrity moms like Chrissy Teigan and Ginger Zee for simply living their lives after giving birth. Zee, has been a frequent target of haters since she started competing on Dancing with the Stars in March, just months after the birth of her first child, Adrian. Zee told Inside Edition, « When you start attacking how I’m being a mother, I’m already vulnerable to that. I already feel like I don’t know if I’m doing this right, so it’s a very hard thing to take. »

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  1. Maria Burns

    For most women, it's motherly instinct not to leave your baby. It's painful to leave them at three months for 8 hours a day to work. The connection between moms and newborns is so strong, most moms wouldn't even consider leaving them for short periods of time.

  2. CrazyTwilight Sparkle

    People need to focus what's going on in their own lives instead of everybody else's. So what they're new moms, just because you're a mother doesn't mean you stop having fun and wanting to have fun doesn't make you a bad parent as long as you put your kids' wellbeing first. I have 2 kids and my husband and I have a date night twice a month. Leave them alone and worry about your life.

  3. Dani Mark

    when they put themselves out there e.g. twitter, tv shows etc be prepared for criticisms and some few home truths.

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