Danica Patrick 2014: Still Hasn’t Learned

Danica Patrick 2014: Still Hasn't Learned

A look at Danica’s 2014 season.

0:04 Daytona practice engine failure
0:14 Daytona unlimited crash
0:51 Daytona 500 crash
1:28 Phoenix crash
1:57 Bristol practice crash
2:36 Bristol crash
2:47 Bristol pit road crash
3:11 Charlotte crash
3:36 Charlotte engine failure
3:49 Pocono crash
3:59 Indy axle failure
4:42 Pocono crash
5:44 Watkins Glen practice crash
5:59 Michigan crash
6:33 Kansas crash
6:51 Charlotte crash
7:11 Martinsville spin [clip from https://www.youtube.com/user/nascarcrashesnmore]
7:18 Martinsville crash

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Danica Patrick


  1. Eric Schultz

    If Tony Stewart or Dale Jr. mess up and complain, NASCAR fans defend them.
    If Danica does the same thing, "She's just a woman." "Women can't drive."

    When drivers stick up for teammates, NASCAR fans are quiet.
    When Tony Stewart and other drivers stick up for Danica, "They are secretly in love with her." "Danica is just there to make the sport more popular." …and my favorite, "Damn liberals are ruining my sport!"

    NASCAR fans are idiots.
    NASCAR = Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

  2. Ethan Roebuck

    I supported her when she first came into nascar… Cant say the same anymore. Stewart Haas racing should be penalized for unsafe release every time they let Danica on the track.

  3. Dorien Summers

    don't talk about Danica she's a good races she talked her first win before if you haven't seen it you should be wrong

  4. Kevin Peterson

    i just sent you 3 videos proving danica has the talent and ability to be a good race driver and winner she just hasnt had the luck to go along with it to have a win in nascar but it will happen

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