Lily Aldrige interviews Taylor Swift

Lily Aldrige interviews Taylor Swift

Thématique: Lily Aldridge
Meet the New Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Lily Aldridge
Meet the New Victoria's Secret Bombshell Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is sweet yet totally seductive. Find out the first person she told that she was walking in her first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and why she didn’t tell another soul until the last minute.

Thématique: Lily Aldridge
Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge
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Lily Aldridge


  1. Amena Khan

    You can't judge their friendship. Does their friendship really need to be proven and do they really need to pose for pictures to show people that they are friends? Wow..

  2. John Stirson

    And just what the fuck are you fuckers doing with your life, huh? Just watching this and wishing to be them?

  3. Hafsa Ansari

    Taylor looks like a 35 year old suburban housewife to me with that hair and makeup, idk she is just not naturally graceful or beautiful as Lily

  4. Cassadanielle Picasso

    Taylor is both strong and sweet
    Lily has just this sweet personality.
    They complement each other.
    And Lily texting and listening really to Taylor's songs – is an indication that she genuinely admires and likes Taylor.
    Both ladies are nice.

  5. PolarBear 101

    Taylor has it all! Not only is she most famous star world wide right now but she could easy be one of those VS models!
    She's perfection. 

  6. Alastair Carnegie

    Lilly Aldridge's Dad will remember John and Nonie Wolfe, The Produced of "The Who" and other things. Alan Aldridge was a hero of ours, "The Illustrator!" that every TOP Rock & Roll Band wanted for their Album Cover. Lilly looks fabulous, and so does Taylor! I have a Google Image file of her that is expanding rapidly! I have only been a Swiftie for four days. She has such a soft heart. Also she comes from a Banker family. So do I. my lot were Noah's Bankers, supported his "Floating Zoo Project!" Noah's Theme Park was flooded out! The floating zoo saved the day!

  7. FanOfJanis

    Lily Aldridge is my favorite Victoria's Secret Angel, far and away. 

    Adriana Lima is the surreal supernaturally beautiful goddess.  Candice Swanapoel has those amazing curves and wonderul eyes and smile.  Miranda Kerr has the lithe, lean, lissome shape than can stop a freight train at full throttle. 

    However, Lily is natural, cute, amazing.  She is the one Angel I'd like to know as just a friend in real life, because she's The Girl Next Door taken to the ultimate heights.   We wish her a long, happy life!

  8. Xiantoni Lynch

    Yup … as long as you are healthy that is all that matters … I had the same issues and then when you do put on weight they will point that out too …. HATERS!!!

  9. Sheila Rose Franz Agtarap

    i think what the victoria's secret loves about her is her walk, yet its boyish but its unique 😉 she's so pretty.

  10. Nikki

    Hello Everybody!
    Lily is gorgeous! Did anybody know what's the name of the song in this video clip? If yes, please, please write me an answere! It's really important for me know the name !
    Thanks Nikki

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