A Bundesliga Blockbuster – Dortmund vs. Bayern in « Der Klassiker »

A Bundesliga Blockbuster – Dortmund vs. Bayern in « Der Klassiker »

It’s still the most exciting game in the Bundesliga. When the two best German teams of recent times go head-to-head, all eyes are fixed on the game. Our little feature shows you the highlights, the atmosphere, the intensity and the best moments from this year’s “Klassiker” in Dortmund. Just sit back and enjoy!

You can see highlights of the match at http://www.bundesliga.com

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Thématique: Bundesliga


  1. Jesus “the jew” Christ

    sad that bayern is the typical big team in a league.Buying all the talent from the other teams.
    strengtening themselves and weakening the others :s.

    That normally only happens in lower league's but i guess the bundesliga still has some work to do.

  2. Avisek Ganguly

    what a rivalry!! where one team buys out half the best players from another team and boasts of its own credentials. Bayern is a disgrace

  3. Lyly Lay

    I am not hating on any sides, but to be honest, we can see a lot of beautiful moments with respect and joy in German Der Klassiker, while in Spanish El Clasico, we can see a lot of hatred and brawl between players… I do respect German football, both club and their national team. Don't get me wrong I don't hate la liga, just expressing my thought

  4. Korrie Smith

    I commented 4 months again but this match is awesome every time I watch it so I felt to comment again. And btw BVB fans brilliant match, it should have been a draw but we got lucky with Lewy. And guys lewy isn't a traitor. So a player can't transfer from a club. Dortmund's main rivals are Schalke so why are you guys acting like he did the worst thing possible. Hummels went from Bayern to Dortmund. Kruse went from Monchengladbach to Wolfsburg, Draxler went from Schalke to Wolfsburg so why don't other fans hate them like the way BVB fans hate on Gotze and Lewy. We let Dante go to Wolfsburg and everyone has wished him the best of luck so why can't you guys just forget about the transfer and stop holding a grudge against them. I respect all BVB fans so if you want to come don on me I'm fine with that but I just feel bad for the players knowing that in an instant your once beloved club turns it's back on you and despises you just because you transferred.

  5. amir tahmasebi

    Super Kanal :))
    Würd mich riesig freuen wenn du noch ein Highlight Video der Bundesliga Saison 2009/10 in deinen Kanal aufnehmen könntest ?

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