Arabic Mehndi Designs

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Arabic, Pakistani, and Indian mehndi designs are naturally same. We can say that physic of these designs is near about same. These designs are simple not so complex most beautiful and charming. Arabic mehndi designs are less complex but more attractive and beautiful.
Old Tradition:
Henna is an old tradition. The tradition of our grandees and it is said that it increase the half beauty. It is also a part of makeup, for a bride it is included in makeup and makes her more beautiful. It is usually used to make tattoos on hands, neck, and foot and on arms. Arabic tradition gives great importance to mehndi because it trainee the new generation.
Belongs to Nature:
Henna (green mehndi) is a natural thing, but black henna is a mixture of different chemicals, due to this it affects the skin badly.
Body Painting:
Henna art is also known as body art or body painting. Very attractive and beautiful flowers are made on the body part to increase the beauty. Now in these days mostly girls (college girls) print the neck to make the whole body attractive. Arabic mehndi is a complex and nice way of wearing mahndi designs.
College or School Girls:
Simple mehndi designs with only one straight line flower mostly used among college or school girls. Only a simple tattoo on neck or on upper arm is a fast fashion among new generation but a simple flower engraving mehndi jewelry is a very nice and touchy fashion.
Bride and Groom:
It is said, mehndi is important in the life of a bride as breathing system in a human body. Mehndi ceremony is the important part in the bride’s life because an old saying is this, that the color of henna indicates the love if groom for bride. Shiny and dark color of henna shows the strength of love. Arabic mehndi designs are very applicable.

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