Oops I’m In Tokyo

Oops I'm In Tokyo

I’m back home now, my mommy (the Debbie Machine) is here and she says hello to all of you, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by a family that loves you and annoys you to no end, or even a friendsgiving with people that care about you. I’m thankful for so much, and I’m feeling especially grateful for this trip to Tokyo because it really has changed my life. I learned so much about respect and kindness and have been truly inspired by everyone that I met there. Thank you thank you thank you so much for having me and I would gladly come back anytime. Thank you to everyone that came to meet me and to everyone that helped us from Google/youtube to make this a once in a lifetime opportunity, I had a blast, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment being in your country. Love you. Itarashemashe, ITARASHEMASHE!!!!! (probably spelled all wrong but this was what I said the whole trip to myself, it means like, welcome to the store and then I would yell at myself WELCOME TO THE STOREEEE!!!! I’m a fucking troll).

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  1. flameshoter6

    i enjoyed the video. But a random thought came into my head. Some day in the future when resources are low and virtual reality is around- we will be enjoying these experiences in the virtual world. But if maybe we will be world hopping by then.

  2. whaler whale

    sorry Jenna but I'm pretty sure your Japanese is wrong at the beginning u said gozmoizis at the end when ur sentence wasent formal so yr…

  3. cat861 AJ

    ok what a cat cafe is you cant hve cats in japan so you go to a place were thy let u pet and ecct as the cat is yours

  4. Mona The Cheerleader

    At first, it was calm and just making a vlog and then all of a sudden, WAAAAAAAAH! KAWAII DESU ATTACK WITH SHARKS AND A MACHINE GUN THINGY! AAAAH~! And then…. quiet with bunnies and cats. XDDD

  5. Luke Keast

    Can't believe your buttspiration video got 3.9mil views and this video (One of you better videos ) only got .9mil. Interesting.

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