Dr Gonzalez and Carol Alt Cancer Interview

Dr Gonzalez and Carol Alt  Cancer Interview

Dr Gonzalez about Enzyme Treatment Cancer Cure

Thématique: Carol Alt

Carol Alt


  1. WikiIntelNews

    This has been known for the past 100 years. And yet the Medical Mafia insists on using a method of treatment that does more harm and kills more people. But it is a treatment that makes them the most money. The Criminal Medical Mafia's perspective on Health care is Money care, because money is all they care about. They are only concerned about meeting their bottom line … "Profits!" If they were serious about saving lives and providing sound Health care services than they would be championing Dr. Gonzalez's work as the alternative treatment for curing cancer.

  2. SilverScreenJean

    Is he referring to Pancreatin? I use it for digestive reasons. Unreal something so simple can do so  much!

  3. Oscar Brown

    Everyone should know about this, even if they choose not to try it, they need to have the option to choose or not to choose. Help me to share this with those you know.

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