(Highlights HD) Novak Djokovic Vs. Marin Cilic – QF Wimbledon 2014

If Cilic would maintained his level of the 2nd and 3rd set he could win over Djokovic
Highlights made by me!

(Highlights HD) Novak Djokovic Vs. Marin Cilic – QF Wimbledon 2014 All England London


  1. lucu01

    Cilic is dangerous on any surface, and truly tested Nole who came back magnificently. You could see Nole's relief at the end, he knew how close it was

  2. Trent Timoy

    Cilic played this match beautifully.  His game is well suited for the grass.  He could've won this match.  If he gets another chance to play this kind of match at this stage he can use his US Open championship has a springboard to success.

  3. Julian Hansen

    Some people seem to not recognise that both Cilic and Raonic f.eks do possesed maybe the same amount of feel around net as even Roger, maybe not as good volleyer overall, and their grondstrokes, particular on the forehand side, Cilic like Gulbis and Nalbandian f.eks, are mood players, if they hit the day, they´re unbeatable, add Tsonga in that Group aswell.

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