Federer – Agassi US Open 2005 final

Federer – Agassi US Open 2005 final

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  1. Aetherwave

    That's a good reminder that there is no single 'greatest of all time' player, judging by ability. Federer's peak game was brilliantly spectacular, but all great players were spectacular in their finest days. Then we have to look at stuff like how consistent, tough, or lasting they were to see who may be considered better. Fed's doing great for his career resume by staying competitive well into his thirties, thus eclipsing everyone since Laver and Rosewall, who are difficult to assess since most of their career was pre-Open Era. Now Djokovic is to him what Federer himself was to Agassi, given that before that prominent final, they had also met in the quarterfinal of the previous US Open and Federer prevailed in a tough five-set battle. I hope Roger stays competitive for several years to come and seals his legacy as the most achieved player of the Open Era.

  2. caezar55

    ah Federer at his peak in full flight…magnificent. Only a great country (Switzerland) within a great civilization (Germanic Western Europe) could produce a Federer.

  3. SolsburyHill22

    Agassi literally broke his back in this tournament, he was never the same after this match because the amount of effort he put in, against anyone else he'd have won…Just Roger was in another dimension in 2005/06/07.

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